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Reflecting on a Noteworthy YearOne Community Scotland 2023

As we begin a new year, One Community Scotland takes a moment to review the journey we

undertook in 2023. Last year was a testament to our dedication and the unwavering support of

our incredible community. Join us as we reflect on key achievements, breakthroughs and

triumphs that have defined the past twelve months for our organisation.

Our most significant milestone last year was managing to help an estimated of over 147

youths receive complete support.

From the aforementioned estimate, we successfully facilitated the employment of 27 youth,

17 youth into volunteer work, 9 youth in apprenticeship and most excitingly we supported 18

young girls to mainstream services through the Health and Vested program.

Another peak highlight for us last year was being awarded the Bravery and Excellence award

by the Chief Constable’s Excellence Awards (2022) in the category of Equality, Diversity

and Inclusion. One Community Scotland was acknowledged to have made significant

contributions towards creating a positive environment for people of diverse backgrounds.

As the sounds of Christmas got louder, we did not forget to put a spotlight on the Christmas

spirit at One Community Scotland. With your support, volunteers, the funders and our

partners we managed to distribute gifts, food vouchers and presents to over 500 children

across Glasgow.

Last (not least) but most importantly we would like to take this opportunity to thank our team

members, every single organisation, volunteers, partners and funders that supported us

and made our work possible. We are very grateful and even more excited to embark on a

new journey, accomplishing our mission and goals together with you this coming 2024.

Cheers to a year of growth and success!

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